25.2.2018 Antarctic field season successfully finished

In early December the Antarctic field expedition of ACOSIA started. The flight from Capetown was delayed by two days due to logistic problems, then three boxes of scientific cargo were missing and arrived only 2 weeks later. Additionally, bad weather (wind speeds up to more than 100km/h) delayed the start of the measurements and snow sampling, which finally took place during the christmas holidays. Measuring and sampling was possible at slightly more than 50% of the days, in the remaining time the weather was not suitable for snow sampling (mostly too high wind speeds, resulting in blowing or drifting snow).

End of January, my AWI project partner, Dr. Martin Werner, arrived with RV Polarstern, together with his Ph.D. student, Saeid Bagheri (who had arrived by plane three weeks earlier and who helped with the snow sampling) the work with the Picarro spectrometer (see: was started, mainly maintenance and fairly complex calibration procedures. Due to the change in plan, which involved running of the Picarro by AWI on a routine base year-round, the snow sampling program was extended considerably; additionally specific surface area (SSA) measurements were carried out for Dr. Maria Hörhold (AWI), who in return will analyse the stable isotope ratios of the snow samples in the lab at AWI. The data analysis of both Piccarro and snow sample data will be done in close cooperation with Dr. Werner, S. Bagheri, and Dr. Hörhold.

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