Ongoing FWF-Project: ACOSIA

For more than two decades now, I have been studying the atmospheric processes that influence the relationship between air temperature and stable isotope ratios in Antarctic snow and ice. My ultimate goal is to move the interpretation of Antarctic deep ice cores to a much more sophisticated level: There is a much richer, quantitative story yet to be extracted!

Principal investigator (PI) of the following projects combined in SISSI (Stable ISotopes in Snow and Ice in Antarctica):

2016-2021:       Atmospheric controls on stable isotopes in Antarctica (ACOSIA) (read abstract: FWF P28695)

2012-2016:       Precipitation mechanisms at Antarctic deep drilling sites (FWF P24223) (info poster)

2007-2012:       Dronning Maud Land precipitation and EPICA ice core interpretation (Elise Richter Grant, FWF V31-N10)

2002-2006:       Deuterium excess of polar firn and precipitation origin (FWF P15983-N06)

1999-2002:       Stable isotopes in Antarctic firn (FWF P13429-GEO/N06)

1996-1998:       Glacio-meteorological investigations in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica (Young Scientist Grant, Univ. Ibk)


Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE)

2016-2021:        Team member of project: Quantifying precipitation and its contribution to surface freshening in the Southern Ocean - part of ACE

20170203_Balleny_bw (Photo: courtesy Irina Gorodetskaya)

Testing the SSA instrument

 Science trench, Neumayer III, 2017/18